Video: Watch 'Eric Holder' Obtain a Ballot to Vote in the DC Primary

James O’Keefe has released another undercover video, one that directly embarrasses United States Attorney General Eric Holder. In the video, O’Keefe enters a polling place on primary day, which was April 3 in Washington DC, and asks for the ballot of Eric Holder. O’Keefe tells the pollworker Holder’s correct address, and the poll worker hands O’Keefe a valid ballot to cast a vote. The pollworker even volunteers that O’Keefe does not need any form of ID to prove that he is entitled to cast Eric Holder’s ballot in the DC Democratic primary. O’Keefe intercuts his trip to the poll, with clips of Holder explaining why we do not need voter ID laws to verify who is casting ballots in our elections.


O’Keefe did not actually cast a vote on Holder’s behalf. The video shows just how easy it can be for someone to impersonate someone else and cast a vote on their behalf. In this video, a young white man impersonates the middle aged attorney general, who is a well-known figure and is black. Voter ID would make such an obvious attempt at voter fraud impossible.

O’Keefe’s video follows on the heels of a PJTV video released last week, which shows the Department of Justice and leftwing advocacy groups that oppose voter ID, requiring ID to enter their facilities.


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