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Mapping the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Story

Once again Tom Maguire does what the media is too lazy to do. He has carefully mapped the routes reportedly taken by Zimmerman and Martin, compared the various accounts of what happened and to a careful reader it appears that Trayvon’s family lawyer is handing the press rather fanciful versions of what went down. Here’s an example of his careful reconstruction of the events:

Here is Trayvon Martin’s father recreating the police version of Zimmerman’s alibi told to him a few days after the killing. Unless he had notes I wonder how much detail he was taking on, since he had to be shaken up. Regardless, the police told a tale of two encounters:

According to Tracy Martin, the Sanford, Fla., detective recounted this sequence of events: Trayvon Martin walked up to Zimmerman’s vehicle and asked why he was following him. Zimmerman denied following the youth and rolled up the car window. Minutes after Trayvon walked away, Zimmerman got out of his vehicle.

Surely that would be on the 911 tape where Zimmerman says Martin is “checking me out”? But I don’t hear it. Mute button, bad audio, BS? Why would Zimmerman make that up – he had to know he had been calling 911? Oh, well, head trauma, PTSD. Or, why would the cops make that up – to get dad to back down? How’s that working?

Then came the second encounter, according to Tracy Martin’s recollection of the detective’s account. Trayvon Martin appeared from behind a building in Zimmerman’s gated community, approached him and demanded, “What’s your problem, homie?”

When Zimmerman replied that he didn’t have a problem, Martin said, “You do now.” The unarmed teenager hit Zimmerman, knocked him to the ground, pinned him down and told him to “shut the [expletive] up.”

During the beating, Zimmerman pulled his gun and fired one shot at close range into Martin’s chest. “You got me,” the teenager said, falling backward.

“You got me”? They lost me. Save it for the screenplay.