Who Defaced the Emergency Committee for Israel Ad on Iran?

So the first time I saw this bus-stop ad, outside the convention center in D.C. on 7th St., was at the beginning of the three-day AIPAC conference early this month. The last time I saw the ad was walking back to the Metro station after the end of the conference. Today, the first time I’ve seen it since, it was a little defaced.


Scrawled at the top is “Money does not buy us.” Written to the left of “believe him?” is “Yes!” with the “believe” crossed out. At the bottom, where it says that the ad is paid for by the Emergency Committee for Israel, “Israel” is crossed out and the words “themselves/AIPAC” are added.

Let’s put on our Clouseau hats. Pink marker might be a dead giveaway, as would the girly handwriting in the open-circle dot at the end of the exclamation point. But Code Pink is unlikely to say that it believes Obama — they’re pissed at him over drone strikes and think he’s as much of a warmonger as the next guy. The “us” alludes to a group, though, and the timing and location would suggest a tie to a conference-goer. Keep the markers capped, guys.

Of course, I did snap this pic after Valerie Jarrett spoke there…


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