Guess Who's Going to J Street?

From the JPost (no relation!):

Senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett was added on Friday to the list of speakers to address the J Street conference opening here this weekend.

She joins Tony Blinken, national security adviser to Vice President Joe Biden, in representing the administration before the 2,500 activists the progressive Jewish lobby is expecting to host at its third annual conference.


In addition, for the first time the Israeli Embassy will send a high-level participant. Barukh Binah, the deputy chief of mission, will offer opening remarks at the gala dinner.

An Israeli official pointed to recent steps that J Street has taken that show a “positive trend” in its positions, which have often been criticized by the Israeli government. He pointed in particular to J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami’s rejection of journalist Peter Beinart’s call for a boycott of West Bank settlements – in contrast to Israel proper – published on Monday in The New York Times.

Beinart, however, is still being welcomed at the conference and will hold a book signing for his new work, “The Crisis of Zionism”.


[Well, that’s relief.-ed. Yep, gotta have ’em all in one place. Btw, have you read “The Crisis of Zionism”?` I’ve boycotted it.]


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