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Barry O: You Know, We're Just Producing Too Darn Much Oil and Natural Gas For Our Own Good

The friend who tipped me to this labeled it “Baghdad Barry.” Clearly a reference to the delusional Iraqi information minister who kept describing Iraqi victories over American troops that, um, never happened. Baghdad Bob in mind, watch this.

Let’s wrap our minds around what the lightworker is saying here. Never mind all the lies about how he’s laid enough pipeline to encircle the earth and so forth. He’s saying we too MUCH supply. Because we don’t have enough pipeline to move it. But prices keep going up. And he personally nixed 71% of the XL before rebadging it the “Cushing” pipeline and pretending that he supports it.

Didn’t Obama say, a few days ago, that supply and demand make no difference on the price? I guess he has suspended the laws of economics, again.

Baghdad Barry” seems about right to capture this president’s unique view of reality.


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