PPP Plays Games with Republicans and the 'Obama is a Seekret Muslim' Bit Again

Tom Jensen can’t seem to get enough jollies out of conducting normal political polls. Last week ahead of the Alabama and Mississippi primaries, his leftward-tilting Public Policy Polling ran a robopoll to ask Republicans there if they thought Barack Obama is a Muslim. He got the results he wanted, and made a splash.


Now in Illinois, he’s doing it again.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 506 likely GOP primary voters March 17 and 18, and found that 39 percent of them believe that Obama is a Muslim. There are still quite a few “birthers” in the state as well, as 36 percent of GOP voters believe the president was not born in the United States. An overwhelming 89 percent of the GOP voters disapproved of Obama — and more than half disapproved of the city of Chicago itself.

Message: Ha ha, Republicans are so stupid they think Obama is a closet Muslim. PPP is nuking the fridge with these polls. To me, Jensen’s outfit lost all credibility months ago when it found that Barack Obama polled ahead of Gov. Rick Perry — in Texas. How about asking Democrats whether they think the right to subsidized contraception is written into the Bill of Rights?

I do wonder, though, how PPP is getting the answers it’s getting to this question. Maybe they’re preceding the ask with this clip?

I mean, if Barack Obama is so confused about his own faith that Clinton man Stephanopolous has to straighten it out for him…


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