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Obama Admin Embraces Critical Race Theory to Fundamentally Transform a Nation of Cowards

Each year, a San Francisco based consulting firm called the Pacific Educational Group hosts an event for educators called the Summit for Courageous Conversation. This year’s summit will be in October, in San Antonio, Texas. Pacific Educational Group is, according to its founder Glenn Singleton, focused on working with public school teachers and administrators:

More formally, we engage in what is called systemic transformation, which is operating from a framework of whole system change that works with everyone in the system from the board of education to beginning teachers…

Critical Race Theory…helps the educator now be able to understand how race influences our day-to-day experiences and the historical implications of race…

Two phrases should jump out at you. One,”systemic transformation,” bears striking similarity to the “fundamental transformation” that Barack Obama promised/threatened on the eve of his election to the presidency. Two, obviously, is the reference to Critical Race Theory. That is the ideology of the late Prof. Derrick Bell, which posits that the American system is inherently racist and therefore racial reconciliation is impossible without overthrowing the system entirely. During their college days at Harvard, both Barack and Michelle Obama publicly embraced Bell’s Critical Race Theory as well as his campaign to force Harvard to hire faculty on the basis of race and gender. In Singleton’s quote above, CRT then is the basis upon which the inherently racist American system must be fundamentally transformed.

The Pacific Educational Group is, according to’s Kyle Olson, making inroads into public education systems all over the country. That did not begin with Obama’s election, but the Obama administration has sent a representative from the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights to address the PEG’s Summit for Courageous Conversation in 2011. It’s clear from the DoE’s press release that it agrees with the Summit’s ideas:

The Summit for Courageous Conversation annually brings together dedicated leaders for racial equity from across the nation to discuss systemic racism and its impact on opportunity and achievement for all students.

The language of “transformation” and references to Critical Race Theory dominate the Summit’s agenda.

The Obama administration’s own language regarding race has been strikingly consistent with the PEG’s Critical Race Theory-based rhetoric. Obama promised/threatened “fundamental transformation,” and perhaps echoing the ideas of the Summit for Courageous Conversation, after his confirmation Attorney General Eric Holder called for a discussion of racism, accusing America of being a “nation of cowards.” Listen carefully to what Holder said on the subject in February 2009.

HOLDER: One cannot truly understand America without understanding the historical experience of black people in this nation. Simply put, to get to the heart of this country, one must examine its racial soul. Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards.

It’s not a stretch at all to see that Holder’s view of the way to end this “cowardice” would be to have a “courageous conversation” about race. Such a conversation would be, according to the PEG’s Summit agenda from 2011, aimed directly at “white educators.” Click on the screen shot below to enlarge.

The Summit’s agenda also includes explicitly race-centric sessions:

The Summit and the “Courageous Conversation” are not all that the PEG does. Each year it takes the ideas expressed in the agenda into school systems nationwide to personally indoctrinate teachers and school administrators in “diversity training.” The Pacific Education Group’s Critical Race Theory curriculum is, with the backing of the Obama administration, infiltrating hundreds of school systems across America. All apparently in the name of “fundamental transformation.”

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