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OWS Plans Zuccotti Fun for Six-Month Anniversary

Tomorrow is the six-month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Yes, they’ve been rooted from their unhygienic encampments and don’t really make news anymore, but the 99 percenters are still marking the date by attempting to re-occupy something, if just for a little while.

OWS is planning to reassemble at Zuccotti Park at 1 p.m. on St. Paddy’s Day and march to “Wall St, The Bull, City Hall & Beyond!”

“As part of the American Spring, OWS Direct Action will make an effort to liberate space for 24 hours for the people and by the people,” OWS states on its events calendar. “We will gather all afternoon at Liberty Square, and at 5pm march to the re-occupation.”

The movement hopes that “days of action” over the weekend will spark the “American Spring.”

Other events include a panel on how to Occupy Your Workplace and a march from Liberty Square to Hunger Memorial “to bury hunger, greed and grief, of ritual burial and re-birth.”

Parents for Occupy Wall St. is also calling for children everywhere “to take colored sticks of calcium carbonate in their hands and defiantly ‘Chalkupy’ Liberty Plaza for the right to play freely in public space! We plan to cover the park with vibrant chalks of 99% Super Heroes, OWS Kids Characters, and 1% Meanies.” This is called the Children’s Chalkupation.

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