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Obama 2012 NCAA Brackets: Starting with Round of 32 Picks


Muslim Brotherhood over Salafis

Assad over Syrians

Re-election over Iranian nukes

Korans over U.S soldiers



Machinists union over Boeing

Sandra Fluke over Georgetown

Higher Taxes over Spending cuts

Media Matters over AIPAC



Sierra Club over Pipelines

Latinos over voter fraud

Illegals over Sheriff Arpaio

Fast and Furious over Accountability



Appeasement over North Korea

China over U.S. jobs

Russia over missile defense

Chevy Volt over Prius


Sweet 16:

Muslim Brotherhood over Assad

Re-election over Korans

Sandra Fluke over machinists union

Higher taxes over Media Matters

Sierra Club over Latinos

Illegals over Fast and Furious

China over Appeasement

Russia over Chevy Volt


Elite 8:

Muslim Brotherhood over Re-Election

Sandra Fluke over Higher taxes

Sierra Club over Illegals

China over Russia


The Final Four:

National Semi-Finals

Muslim Brotherhood over Sandra Fluke

Sierra Club over China



Muslim Brotherhood over the Sierra Club