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Obama Touts Cutting Oil Imports

The White House touted a Monday report showing that the Obama administration has made “historic achievements” in moving America away from oil and toward an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy, even as gas prices have jumped another 12 cents in the past two weeks.


“The progress report I received today from members of my administration underscores the headway our nation has made towards reducing our reliance on foreign oil, while also expanding American made energy,” President Obama said. “As the report highlights, we have made progress, with imports of foreign oil decreasing by a million barrels a day in the last year alone. Our focus on increased domestic oil and gas production, currently at an eight year high, combined with the historic fuel economy standards we put in place, means that we will continue to reduce our nation’s vulnerability to the ups and downs of the global oil market.”

“We’ve also made progress in the expansion of clean energy, with renewable energy from sources like wind and solar on track to double, along with the construction of our first advanced biofuel refineries,” Obama continued. “And yet, despite the gains we’ve made, today’s high gas prices are a painful reminder that there’s much more work to do free ourselves from our dependence on foreign oil and take control of our energy future. And that’s exactly what our administration is committed to doing in the months ahead.”


Never mind the booming production on private lands with fracking and what Obama’s doing to choke federal leases.

The report states that the administration is getting toward its energy goals with new fuel-efficiency standards, home-energy upgrades, doubling renewable energy production, pushing biofuels, and “supporting cutting-edge research.”

“While there are no silver bullets to solve these challenges, the Obama Administration will continue to build on the progress we’ve made over the past three years,” the White House report states. ‘Through a sustained, all-of-the-above approach to American energy we’ll work to restore middle class security, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and create an economy that’s built to last.”

“No silver bullets” and “built to last” are now running neck-in-neck with “win the future” in the Obama cliche-a-thon.

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