The Democrats' birth control games add another parasite to the lexicon

Blood Fluke:  Parasitic trematode flatworm found primarily in Southeast Asia, North Africa, and other tropical areas. The blood fluke lives primarily in the tiny blood vessels of the intestines.  People infected with blood flukes become weakened and can die either as a direct result of the blood fluke or because it renders them incapable of fighting against other endemic diseases.


Liver Fluke:  Parasitic trematode flatworm that infects the livers of a variety of animals, including humans.  Another name for a liver fluke infestation is “rot.”  Liver fluke infestation causes abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness and, eventually, liver cirrhosis, with all that cirrhosis entails.

Lung Fluke:  Parasitic trematode flatworm that infects human lungs.  In the lungs, it causes causes chronic bronchitis and may result in coughing up blood.  If it migrates to the spine, it can cause paralysis, and if it migrates to the heart or the brain, death results.

Sandra Fluke:  Parasitic leftist agent that infects educational institutions and the body politic.  Operates by demanding large financial subsidies for personal behaviors that provide no return benefit to the educational institutions or the state.  Organisms that sustain serious infections by these leftist parasites routinely suffer complete system failures, evidenced by political bankruptcy, rioting in the streets, and potential societal collapse.


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