Well, At Least the Karma Didn't Catch on Fire

Consumer Reports tried test driving the $107,000, government-subsidized electric coal-powered car. Even Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who does not drive a car, should be able to see the problem here.


When Consumer Reports took the car out for a test spin recently, however, the Karma did not perform as planned. The consumer company bought a Karma from a dealer for the purpose of putting it to the test. And in a video now posted on its website, Consumer Reports auto engineer Tom Mutchler explains what happened.

“It is low, it is sleek, it is sensuous. It’s also broken. Right here in the middle of our driveway. The car doesn’t go in gear. It doesn’t move,” he says.

The new car had to be towed away.

That’ll probably hurt its score.

Exit question: Which is the worst performance: catching on fire, dying on a drive test, or turning into a big, beautiful brick?


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