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Jay Thomas to Joel Pollak: Why Are You Afraid of Black People? (Updated: Meet Julia Pollak)

CNN gave actor Jay Thomas a platform today to discuss the Obama connection to the late Professor Derrick Bell. Thomas made the very least of the opportunity, accusing Breitbart editor in chief Joel Pollak of being motivated by fear of black people.

Joel Pollak acquits himself well, noting the indisputable fact that Barack Obama has consistently thrown in his lot with radicals throughout his life, and the mainstream media has just as consistently covered those associations up. Amy Holmes comes in at the end to add that we should have seen the Obama tapes in 2008. Listen to Soledad O’Brien try her best to be nothing but an annoying distraction. That seems to be the entire media’s job — distract.

Not that this should matter, but in the interests of truth, Joel Pollak’s wife is black.

Update: Yep, Joel Pollak’s wife is black. She’s from South Africa, actually, and her mother was a political appointee of none other than Nelson Mandela. Here she is, in video made when Pollak ran for Congress.

Jay Thomas would be wise to retreat back into obscurity.

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