Alabama Democrats Nix Bill Maher Event?

The Alabama Democratic Party was set to have a “Chairman’s Reception” featuring foul-mouthed misogynist Bill Maher on March 17.

I and others have called up the AL Democrats to ask them about the event, but so far no one in the party is returning phone calls. That executive director’s lunch — the reason I was given that he couldn’t take my call yesterday — has apparently now gone on for more than 24 hours.


Now, they have scrubbed the invitation from their web site. Four words: Good luck with that.

They started frantically scrubbing their website of any reference to Bill Maher. The url ( which had served as the landing page for ticket sales to their “Evening with Bill Maher” began redirecting people back to their homepage. It was as if they had never implored folks to “Come join Alabama Democrats at the Von Braun Center Concert Hall in Huntsville for an Evening with Bill Maher.”

It’s true: Click on this URL to test it yourself: It doesn’t go where it used to go.

I noted yesterday that their chairman, Justice H. Mark Kennedy, is fond of promoting “Biblical principles.” Which is interesting, because if they haven’t nixed the event but their website is being scrubbed of any references to it, they’re now bearing false witness. One could be forgiven now for believing that Justice Kennedy’s invocation of the Bible was nothing more than a ploy to fool the good people of Alabama.


Well, one could be forgiven if Democrats were into forgiveness, anyway. But they’re not. Just ask Rush.

Anyway, in the interests of truth, here’s a screenshot of the ad that the Alabama Democrats are trying to remove from the timeline. I don’t mind if anyone poaches it and posts it on their own website or blog. Since the Alabama Democrats won’t promote the event, perhaps the rest of us should.


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