Where Are Andrea Mitchell, Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw's Apologies for Their Colleagues' Misogynistic Rants?

As usual the Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto makes an excellent point. He commends Kirsten Powers for noting the misogyny on the left and observes that no one has asked the stars of NBC why they haven’t apologized:


But Schultz, Olbermann and Matthews are especially worthy of note because at the time of their offending comments they all worked for NBC (Schultz and Matthews still do). We haven’t heard anyone demand that respectable NBC personalities like Tom Brokaw, Andrea Mitchell and Brian Williams denounce their colleagues’ indecent, misogynistic rants. Yet the left has been hectoring Republican politicians to repudiate Limbaugh, even though he has no formal connection to them or the party: “The GOP Can No Longer Avoid Its Rush Limbaugh Problem,” the Washington Post editorialized last week.

The explanation for the double standard is obvious: The attack on Limbaugh is not primarily about establishing or enforcing standards of decency and respect for women. Rather, it is an any-weapon-at-hand assault by a liberal elite desperately trying to maintain its grip on cultural power. “It matters more to society what a person with a big following says than what a person with a small following says,” Timothy Noah of The New Republic acknowledges. The problem with Limbaugh isn’t that he’s occasionally coarse, it’s that he has a big following.

Hector them.


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