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So, Just How Much Do Georgetown Law Grads Make?

According to G-town’s website, a lot. Sandra Fluke can expect to become one of the so-called one percent (supposing the 30 year old ever gets out of school).


U.S. News Ranking: 14th
LSAT Median: 170
GPA Median: 3.68
Multiple LSAT scores: Averaged but an admissions member said that they take the highest score if there is a 5 point discrepancy. More likely to consider a higher LSAT score if the LSAT is only taken twice.
Early Decision deadline: Application form and fee due October 31st. Completed file due December 1st. Regular Decision deadline: February 1st Application fee: $80 Entering class size: 590 Yearly Tuition: $43,750 for full time students, $38,280 for part time students
Bar passage rate in New York: 93.8%
Percent of graduates employed 9 months after graduation: 97.1% (reported)
Median private sector salary: $160,000 (class of 2008)

That’s starting salary, four years ago. This activist wants you and me to pay for her pills?

Sandra Fluke has made herself a public figure, which means she can expect to head into the arms of the limousine liberals on the left. She’ll probably end up raking in millions as a political consultant, or from Fannie or Freddie or some other Democrat piggy bank.

I know, she says she’s heading for some sort of public advocacy job.  I don’t believe her. She’ll do that and then segue quickly into politics, and make a very large pile of money.

This activist wants you and me to pay for her pills?

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