It's the Control, Stupid

Why is DHS contracting with General Dynamics to monitor social media and report dissent from Obama policies…?

EPIC Obtains New Documents on DHS Media Monitoring, Urges Congress to Suspend Program: EPIC has submitted a letter to Congress following a hearing on DHS monitoring of social networks and media organizations. In the letter, EPIC highlights new documents obtained as a result of a FOIA lawsuit and points out to inconsistencies in DHS’ testimony about the program. Though DHS testified that it does not monitor for public reaction to government proposals, the documents obtained by EPIC indicate that the DHS analysts are specifically instructed to look for criticism of the agency and then to redirect reports that would otherwise be circulated to other agencies. EPIC wrote that the DHS’ monitoring program should be suspended, as it exceeds the agency’s statutory authority and chills First Amendment activity. For more information, see EPIC: EPIC v. DHS: Media Monitoring. (Feb. 23, 2012)


This is a story worth keeping an eye on. The Obama regime seems to be waging a multi-pronged attack on the First Amendment, using the HHS mandate to crack the separation between church and state, and using DHS to monitor and erode free speech.

If they’ll attack and erode the First, what’s to stop them from going after the Second?


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