Audio: Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh and Obama's 'Mission Accomplished' Phone Call

So now, the left’s anti-freedom knuckledraggers are going after the astutely apolitical Kim Komando because she’s a woman, and some of her advertisers also advertise on Rush. Her show is about technology, not politics. Going after her is ridiculous. And demeaning, as Komando obliquely notes in her response.


This is all-out war, but not on women or “access” to anything. It’s a war on the first amendment, being led out of the DNC and the White House. It’s a war on your freedom of conscience, and the freedom to dissent from the Democrat party line. With the growing war on Rush and other talk show hosts, it has become a war on free speech. No one in the media should support what Huffington et al have done, for self interest alone if for no greater principle.

Today, I appeared for my usual Monday segment on America’s Radio News and, as you might imagine, the topic of Sandra Fluke and Rush Limbaugh came up. Rush’s using the word “slut” distracts from what she really is, which is a dishonest activist. Here’s the segment with me, and hosts Chris Salcedo and Lori Lundin. It gets a bit spicy.

By the way, I’ve put in a couple of calls to Carbonite to ask them to clarify why they’ve canceled on Rush but not on Ed Schultz. So far, they have not responded.


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