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Whites Turned Away From FDNY Exam Workshop?

So far, it’s just a sketchy report, but if it’s true, it’s quite troubling:

A chaotic scene unfolded outside Middle School 72 in Jamaica, Queens, on Wednesday night as several men who wanted to attend a tutorial workshop for the upcoming FDNY entrance exam were turned away.

These men said it was because they were white. The Workshop was being hosted by the Vulcan Society, a fraternal organization of black firefighters, which apparently only let in people who got a special e-mail.

Fox 5 spoke to a few people who were turned away. They didn’t want to be identified, but they said it appeared that only African-American hopefuls were admitted to the event.


There are a couple of questions that need to be asked of the Vulcan Society, who Fox 5 says did not respond to requests for comment (interesting in and of itself):

  1. Were the emails required for admittance only sent to blacks, or were some sent to whites?
  2. Were any blacks admitted who had not received the email?
  3. Are there any non-black members of the Vulcan Society?

In a truly colorblind society, where race doesn’t matter at all, the existence of “a fraternal organization of black firefighters” would be greeted with the same kind of sturm und drang that someone wanting to set up “a fraternal organization of white firefighters” would set off.

But, as we’ve seen all too many times over the last few decades, the left in America has strayed far from the dream espoused by that famous black man who said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” (emphasis added.) A blacks-only firefighters’ organization, or or that matter a blacks-only stockbrokers’ association or even a blacks-only physicians’ organization, flies in the face of that famous man’s dream, because they’re quite obviously judging on the color of one’s skin.


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