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Will We Still See the Videos Breitbart Promised?

Roger Simon sums up the shock and loss over the death of Andrew Breitbart. Now come the questions, and one of them is whether we will still see the videos that Breitbart was promising to release about President Barack Obama’s earlier days. Breitbart spoke about this shortly after his surreal encounter just a few weeks ago, on Feb. 5, with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohn, at a gourmet dinner prepared by Ayers and Dohrn at a ritzy Chicago apartment, after the Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson won the meal by paying $2,500 in an auction. Carlson invited along Matt Labash and Andrew Breitbart. That experience had Breitbart reflecting on the silver-ponytailed radicals and their earlier days — as he discussed in this radio interview from Chicago’s Drake Hotel, just after the dinner.  Will we still see those videos he was promising?