Ted Turner, Massive Hypocrite

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? In eternity, nothing, but in the here and now it’ll buy a pile of homes, private jets and some good press.


Nevertheless, square this:

The tycoon-turned-philanthropist has removed the wallet from his blazer to show me a printed card with his “11 Voluntary Initiatives,” an oddly naive reinvention of the Ten Commandments that he concocted some 15 years ago, including such vows as “I promise to care for Planet Earth and all living things thereon, especially my fellow beings.”

With this:

He may lack the ebullience of his earlier years, yet Turner shuttles endlessly among his 28 properties — 14 of them ranches with 55,000 bison — traveling hundreds of thousands of miles per year on his private Challenger jet, making numerous speeches when he’s not communing with nature in the “wilderness,” as he puts it.

Environmentalism, of the Al Gore and Ted Turner variety, is a form of I’ve-got-mine-and-you-can’t-have-yours. Millionaire and billionaire hypocrites living on massive, nation-sized carbon footprints, lecturing the rest of us how we should live. Among the Mouth’s frequent travels, Ted Turner shuttles back and forth between his harem of four girlfriends.


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