Occupy Listmania: Why AIPAC is 'So Dangerous'

The AIPAC conference is swiftly approaching, which means the latest incarnation of Occupy is gearing up for its own scintillating schedule of coinciding seminars and protests. Today, Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin, one of the Occupy AIPAC organizers, posts on Antiwar.com “10 Reasons to Keep an Eye on AIPAC” — a big-brother-ish yet slightly less ominous version of the same list posted on the Occupy site, “10 Reasons Why the Israel Lobby AIPAC is So Dangerous.” Some lowlights:

  • “AIPAC is lobbying Congress to promote a military confrontation with Iran.” This is probably the point on which this Latest Movement to Use the Word Occupy can score most points with the general public, fearmongering among those weary of conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and those not schooled on the threat posed by Tehran.
  • “AIPAC’s call for unconditional support for the Israeli government threatens our national security.” Because how dare we anger the Palestinian Authority and Hamas and their extremist minions.
  • “AIPAC undermines American support for democracy movements in the Arab world.” Never mind wanting everyone to enjoy the same true freedoms as the Mideast’s strongest, real democracy: Israel.
  • “AIPAC makes the U.S. a pariah at the UN.” Benjamin isn’t opposed to the heaping anti-Semitic number of resolutions brought up against Israel at the UN, she’s upset that the U.S. vetoes them and risks losing, um, “allies” that way.
  • “AIPAC attacks politicians who question unconditional support of Israel.” Because the lawmakers who sign onto J Street letters are obviously so steeped in wisdom of the Middle East dispute.
  • “AIPAC attempts to silence all criticism of Israel by labeling critics as “anti-Semitic,” “de-legitimizers” or “self-hating Jews.” I’d simply refer you to the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s 2011 Top 10 Anti-Israel/Anti-Semitic Slurs. By making this an annual report, the center is certainly carrying on the invaluable work of its namesake.


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