Iran: We Have 'Rainy Day,' Superbad Weapons You Haven't Seen Yet

Iran warned today that it has secret capabilities it would whip out against aggressors “if they dare” to engage in conflict with the Islamic Republic.


“The US will face a completely new environment when gets involved with the new issues that Iran is pursuing and it will be obliged to think of this new environment,” Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi told the semi-official Fars News Agency.

Fars said that Vahidi “underlined the US Armed Forces’ passivity in confronting Iran’s military programs.”

“Naturally, they cannot reach this point since we have not displayed all our capabilities and capacities,” Vahidi said.

To drive the point home, Fars ran a second story featuring Vahidi talking about Tehran’s “rainy day” defensive stash.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has many hidden capabilities which are kept for rainy days,” Vahidi told Fars on Tuesday, adding, “We have not yet revealed all our capabilities.”

Meanwhile, Iran kept stalling for time Tuesday, with its representative Ali Asghar Soltanieh telling Russia Today that Tehran does not “rule out” the access of International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors to military research sites — with some preconditions.


“We have created a suitable and historical opportunity for IAEA’s high ranking officials to visit Iran,” Soltanieh said. “We have continued our cooperation with IEAE despites new rounds of sanctions imposed against the country, assassination of our nuclear scientists and various anti-Iran resolutions.”

Turned away from sites in question, the IAEA issued a report Friday stating that Iran had quickly ramped up its production of higher-grade enriched uranium and was unable to give an accounting of a missing amount of uranium metal large enough to arm a nuclear missile.


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