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Claire McCaskill Does it Again

Back in December we posted about some evidence that Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill  is coordinating with a super PAC that supports her re-election bid. If she is engaged in such coordination, it’s illegal.

The evidence concerns a few seconds of footage of McCaskill that turned up in an ad for Patriot Majority USA. The footage came from McCaskill’s 2004 run for governor. That footage is back. It’s at the :03 mark in this new McCaskill ad. It appearance in this ad proves that McCaskill’s current campaign has the 2004 footage.

Here’s that Patriot Majority USA ad from December again. Watch at the :11 mark.

It’s obviously the same footage. McCaskill’s current campaign, as seen in the new ad above, has it and is using it. How did the super PAC get ahold of it?