Michelle Obama Told Us There'd Be Days Like This


Not just this week, but way back during the last campaign, Michelle Obama tried to tell us there would be days like this, but maybe we weren’t really listening. She was pretty frank in letting us know that we were in for some big changes; perhaps to a new global, multicultural world.


Does this ring a bell from way back when?

“Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

She reinforced this vision for America  just this week at an appearance in Louisville, explaining that a vote for Barack is obviously a determining factor in who we are, not who we have been:

“Truly, the choice we make will determine nothing less than who we are as a country, but more important it will determine who we will be,”

Examples happening  this week are just a few things that point to the type of nation they apparently envision. First up, Bryan Preston writes about “Sharia Comes to Pennsylvania”, where a judge appears to have trumped traditional US law with shariah law. The judge said:

Before you start mocking someone else’s religion you may want to find out a little bit more about it it makes you look like a dufus and Mr. (Defendant) is correct. In many Arabic speaking countries something like this is definitely against the law there. In their society in fact it can be punishable by death and it frequently is in their society.


The defendant had charges dropped against him, since it was clearly the plaintiff’s own fault for disrespecting Islam, in the judge’s thinking. A lack of multiculturalism was the real problem.

In another of this week’s events, traditional laws would no longer apply, as special arrangements are being proposed by LAPD Chief Charlie Beck  for the impounded cars of illegal immigrants. “Jack Dunphy” writes:

I’ve discussed LAPD Chief Charlie Beck’s proposal to change the department’s policy governing how officers deal with cars driven by unlicensed drivers.  Beck has maintained that impounding cars driven by unlicensed drivers, many of whom in Los Angeles are illegal immigrants, is “unfair.” Under a previous version of his proposed new policy, officers would have been required to wait for a “reasonable period of time,” whatever that might mean, for the driver to summon a licensed driver to whom the car would be released.

Most everyone would agree that we have always been a nation that has welcomed people from many cultures, but now we are at the point where each group apparently has its’ own set of laws that do or do not apply. What is the end goal? It seems like there is an effort to break down the traditional American culture and replace it with global, multicultural socialism. No more Judeo-Christian basis for law and morality- no more nasty “borders” or the pesky burden of becoming an actual citizen.


You can’t help but be reminded of Michelle’s dream for the New America, as she explained that a vote for Barack will continue to determine  “who we are as a country, but more important it will determine who we will be.” Where we used to be a country with sovereignty, borders and laws that were to apply to all, perhaps what is being envisioned is a multicultural land where every court will pull out a different law book depending on whose culture they are dealing with that day; a land where no citizenship is required nor borders enforced. After all, we are all citizens of the world, no?








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