Pro Iranian Ploughshares and NPR:Paying to Play

The Washington Free Beacon shows how NPR and an outfit that opposes war with Iran found it to their mutual benefit to work together:

The Ploughshares Fund opposes military action against Iran and has funded organizations that share this goal, including the Center for American Progress, the pro-Tehran National Iranian American Council, and liberal fringe group J Street.

One of Ploughshares’ highest profile recipients is National Public Radio. NPR was paid $150,000 by the group in 2010. The money was used to fund “increased coverage of U.S. nuclear policy issues and the proliferation risks from North Korea and Iran,” according to funding documents publicly available on Ploughshares’ website.

Coinciding with the payment was NPR’s series of articles and reports that closely reflected Ploughshares’ anti-nuclear worldview.

One NPR piece was written by Stephen Walt, co-author of The Israel Lobby, a controversial book that accused the pro-Israel community of putting U.S. foreign policy in a nefarious chokehold.


h/t:Janet Shagram


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