Stacey Singer Chickens Out: Deletes Tweet Rather Than Respond to My Critique

Yesterday afternoon, while out walking our dog Maura, a welcome surprise arrived in my email. Stacey Singer, the health reporter for the Palm Beach Post, responded to my Tatler post critiquing her, 3 Examples of Marxist Bias in This Hit Piece on David Koch:


“Oh how delightful,” I thought while reaching down — bag-in-hand — to collect the siberian husky’s mess from the grass. “Which of my post’s arguments am I going to shoot back in response? Or maybe I’ll address her non-sequitur of being a ‘mouthpiece for the Koch corporate PR machine’? Should I be friendly or fire back some snark?”

Alas, Singer’s tweet ended up in the same place as Maura’s afternoon deposit. Apparently having second thoughts over answering a critic, she deleted the tweet from her timeline.

Perhaps since Singer does not want to justify to me why she thinks the government has the right and duty to criminalize unpaid internships others should ask her. @StaceySinger is her handle on Twitter, or she can be emailed at [email protected]. Maybe someone else will have better luck explaining to her why health journalists should not use controversial Marxist concepts like “free market fundamentalism” (one rejected even by Huffington Post contributors) in their stories.


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