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Bearing Witness to Iranian Warships?

Come in, Washington…? What’s the plan? Iran’s PressTV is boasting that two Iranian warships, a destroyer and a supply ship, have just passed through Suez and docked in Syria.

No matter how you look at this, it’s bad news. Were the ships carrying weapons to re-supply the Syrian regime’s attacks on its own people? Weapons for attacks on Israel? Even if the ships were carrying no weapons for Syria, the precedent is being set that Iranian warships may with impunity pass through Suez into the Mediterranean, and, unchallenged, be allowed to dock in Syria. What now follows? Having borne witness to the “arc of history” in Iran, does the Obama administration propose to deal with these latest developments by bearing witness as Iranian warships make themselves at home in the Mediterranean and call on Bashar Assad? If that’s the case, we could soon be bearing witness to much more terrible carnage, courtesy of Iran, than anything seen yet.

Come in, Washington. What’s the plan?