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Welcome to Orange County, Mr. President

President Obama is in the middle of a fundraising swing through California, rocking with the Foo Fighters and Jack Black last night at the home of a producer of The Bold and the Beautiful.


Tonight, he heads up to San Francisco for the only one of his eight fundraisers that will be open to radio and TV coverage.

This morning, though, he got a chillier welcome in the Southern California GOP stronghold of Orange County when he helicoptered to an event in Corona del Mar.

The White House pool reporter, from the Washington Post, said that sign-wielding residents lined the motorcade route with signs — and stuffed animals — against Obama:

Among the signs: “Evict Obummer,” “Evict Obama” and a large banner reading, “Protect Religious Freedom.”

Two people held signs reading “Remove the skunk from the White House” with stuffed animal skunks attached. Another read: “Gas prices up 91 percent under Obama.”

A woman yelled at the motorcade as it snaked through the posh neighborhood: “That’s our money at work.”

As we wound into the neighborhood, one manicured lawn had a sign reading “Bye bye Obama” with three young children playing out front.

Tickets for the Corona del Mar breakfast cost a mere $2,500, while the $38,500 tickets at tonight’s dinner by the Bay (with musical performance by Chris Cornell) should soothe any feelings hurt by Orange County’s skunky welcome.

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