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Bob Beckel: We Should Subsidize Every American Woman's Contraceptives Because of Crackheads, or Something

Today on Fox’s The Five, Democrat strategist Bob Beckel made the following argument in favor of the ObamaCare contraceptive mandate. He said that if we give crackhead mothers free contraceptives, they won’t have crackhead babies that the rest of us have to pay for. And that’s why the ObamaCare mandate forcing all Americans to subsidize contraceptives and abortifacients should stand.


Question to Bob: How many crackhead mothers are responsible enough to stay on a contraceptive regimen?

Second question to Bob: So all women including rich ones who aren’t crackheads should get subsidized contraceptives, on the off chance that some crackhead mother is also getting and staying on the pill?

Wow. The liberal mind is like frickin’ magnets: How do they work?

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