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What's in Obama's Budget? Solyndra 2.0 (Update: And More Deficit Spending)

President Obama is releasing his budget proposal today, with no expectation that the Democratic Senate will bother to even take it up. The budget proposal faces a tough time if the Senate does take it up: Dem Rep. Emanuel Cleaver calls the proposal a “nervous breakdown on paper” and Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions is calling it “dishonest” and “dangerous” because it reneges on last summers spending cuts and includes yet another Obama-style stimulus — tax hikes plus a whole lot of spending. And it includes no effort to deal with Medicare and Medicaid.


Also buried within the Obama budget, is a set of proposals to create the next round of Solyndra-style social engineering, according to the Wall Street Journal:

The Obama administration is attempting to persuade U.S. corporations about the benefits of investing in renewable energy in an effort to help the industry after a government grant program expired.

The Department of Energy-led effort includes a planned March 13 meeting at which senior financial-firm executives and Energy Secretary Steven Chu would speak, documents viewed by Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal show.

The idea is to tell companies with big tax bills about the “attractive rates of return and brand benefits” that come with entering the so-called tax equity markets in renewable energy, according to a Feb. 6 letter to invitees from Richard Kauffman, a senior adviser to Mr. Chu .. A list of potential expert attendees includes officials from Goldman Sachs Group Inc., J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and Google Inc. Mr. Kauffman, hired in September, is a former executive at Goldman and most recently ran the clean-energy-investment firm Good Energies.


The usual suspects. When the Obama bunch isn’t meeting with Goldman Sachs et al, they’re amping up the union-driven occupiers to denounce them. Carrot in one hand, stick held behind the back.

This president never seems to learn from past debacles, and never quits pushing his agenda, no matter how it fails or what it does to our fundamental liberties.

Update: Obama’s budget proposal is almost comically irresponsible on spending — it includes $1.33 trillion in deficits this year.

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