Michelle in Reality TV Land: Everyone's a Winner

A feel-good message to temper that pesky American ideal of good, old-fashioned competitiveness is nothing new, but a reality show isn’t the place to whip out the “everyone’s a winner” mantra.


First lady Michelle Obama wrapped up a three-day tour to promote her “Let’s Move!” initiative on Saturday with an event at Walt Disney World in Florida, where 69-year-old Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) entertained the crowd by dropping to the ground and doing 51 pushups and Obama did “the platypus walk” dance.

The trip began in Iowa and reached Dallas on Day 2, where Obama was called to judge a healthy-eating competition with teams of “Top Chef” contestants and students. The segment was taped to air on the popular Bravo network reality show.

After the teams whizzed through a 30-minute race to whip up three attempts at creative school-lunch fare, the judges sampled the teams’ whole-wheat turkey tacos, homemade applesauce and salad with arugula, carrots and avocado puree.

According to the White House pool report, the judges then deliberated for “several long moments” before announcing a winner.

Or, a non-winner.

“Mrs. Obama, standing behind the ‘Top Chef’ podium, said it was a tough call, and then announced that all three teams had won,” the report stated.

“‘The point in our decison,’ she said, was that when you pair great chefs with schools, ‘everybody wins.'”


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