Gingrich Doesn't Wow CPAC

This report from The Hill seems to paint a picture of Newt not getting the support of the conservatives at CPAC:

Newt Gingrich offered something for everyone as he struggled to revive his floundering presidential campaign at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday.

But for Gingrich, it may have been too little, too late.

The former House Speaker hit every strong note he could, railing against President Obama and Democrats on the economy, foreign policy, entitlements, energy, taxes and religion.

The audience offered Gingrich polite applause and even a standing ovation or two, but his address had none of the rabid energy enjoyed by Rick Santorum earlier in the day.

Even Mitt Romney, in a perennial struggle to appease conservatives, had lines of activists snaking around a Washington hotel hoping to get into his speech. For Gingrich, the room barely filled at this convention of Republican Party faithful.


The “something for everyone” approach is part of the problem… that’s the way lefties campaign… you want “free” health insurance, I’ll give you “free” health insurance! You want bigger welfare checks, we’ll spread the wealth around! A chicken in every pot and two (electric) cars in every garage, courtesy of the government!

Conservatives are supposed to be the ones saying, “no, that’s not the business of government to do X,” or, “it’s a nice idea, but we just can’t afford billions for Y right now, because we need to pay for things like defense.”

Combined with cfbleachers’ report yesterday that the Newt campaign may also be struggling financially, it looks like he may be on his way out of the race.

Of course, now the Newtmaniacs are going to accuse me of being a Romney shill, but that’s easily debunked if one just looks at my record on Romney, both on my old solo blog and here… and if I couldn’t take the heat, I wouldn’t be in this particular kitchen.


(photo credit to Gage Skidmore)


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