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Did Obama Take a Hit in the Kathleen Sebelius War?

Politically, taking on Jews in a surreptitious manner, jackpotting Israel at every turn, overtly reaching out to Israel’s enemies and never once going to the land of our closest ally in the Middle East and possibly our most necessary….is unwise.


But Obama owns it, lock, stock and barrel.

There is little doubt that Obama’s has not much use for the Bible…or anyone who “clings” to it.

“Jesus Christ” is something you say after a bad golf swing, not much more for him.

And Jeremiah Wright’s “church” of the God Damn America brand…certainly seems to fit his Radical-in-Chief entire history, if one pays attention to Stanley Kurtz’ great investigative work.

However, taking on a billion Catholics for no reason, as opposed to taking on a measly 16 million Jews, in order to favor a billion Muslims…lacks pragmatism as well as morality.

Why this religious warfare? Isn’t the class warfare working well enough with OWS $60 astroturf protests, rape, murder and glass breaking?

Isn’t the race card still a big winner?

Sure, Lenin, Marx and all their progeny want to wipe out religion as an “illusion” of the masses.

But, this is a guy who was making withdrawal announcements in Afghanistan out loud, to our enemies…because he was concerned about a “second term”.

In other words, he won’t fight the Taliban…he will tickle their feet and whisper sweet nothings in their ear…but he WILL fight the Catholics?

Makes NO political sense.

Until you combine sophistry, ebullient imperiousness and a specious argument in an ongoing war…to contract a full dose of Sebelius.


There is an ongoing war against the Catholic Church, in which Sebelius has been informed, as has her pastor, that she should not receive Communion.

The antagonism between Sebelius and the Catholic Church is quite pronounced.

What better way to slap their faces than to force them to grovel beneath her feet?

To not only accept that she is in charge of the country’s rules on fetal life and death, on sexual mores, on contraception…but that she can force the Catholic Church to pay for them.

Grinding the Catholics under her expensive heels is payback, and then some.

Obama, who clearly has no use for Judeo-Christian beliefs…but could use the money from the “good Jews and good Catholics”, who put statism ahead of their “illusions”…had no reason to pick this fight.

It’s a political flak magnet.

But, since he generally agrees with the concept of crushing Judeo-Christian “illusions”, he took a bullet in the war of the Kansas ex-communionist.

Maybe that makes her a small c communionist. Certainly close enough for government work.

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