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Santorum's Colorful Budget Plan

Former Sen. Rick Santorum has “The Courage to Fight for America.” And he has the courage to put his budget plan to save America on grape-purple paper.

After Sen. Marco Rubio’s well-received speech, a campaign volunteer handed out copies of Santorum’s budget to the crowds exiting the main ballroom. If I didn’t harp this point enough, yes, on purple paper.

Purple is cited as either the color of royalty or the color of passion, so maybe it symbolizes that he’s passionate about moving his many heirs into the White House. Enough about that.

Only one side of the flier is dedicated to his budget plan: $5 trillion in cuts over five years. Cutting non-defense spending to 2008 levels. Eliminating Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae’s role in federal housing. Cutting non-defense federal workers by 10 percent. Killing all energy subsidies. Cut U.S. funding to the United Nations by at least half. Help pass a Balanced Budget Amendment.

On the flip side is a message Santorum really wants to send at this CPAC: “Rick Santorum: The Most Electable Republican Candidate” — with blurbs touting poll generalizations. “Santorum is the only candidate in many recent polls currently predicted to win head to head against President Obama” — though the latest Real Clear Politics average shows nobody in the field poised to beat Obama, with 49.8 percent for the president vs. 41.2 for Santorum. The former senator tops Obama by one point — within the margin of error — in the most recent Rasmussen poll.

Another reason he states is Rasmussen’s finding that 12 percent of the voters polled won’t commit to either Romney or Obama. I’ll leave the math at how many undecideds might flock to Santorum to the imagination.