Babs Boxer Comes up with the Dumbest Defense (So Far) of the ObamaCare Abortifacient Mandate

I LOL’d when I heard this:

Why the Birth-Control Mandate Makes Sense

It can cost $600 a year for prescription contraceptives. That’s a lot of money.

Ohs no’s, people shouldn’t have to spend $600 bucks a year, a whole $50 a month, to sustain their chosen lifestyle! How awful!


That’s, what, less than half what an iPhone plan costs per month, to keep from being punished with a baby?

The op-ed that follows those lines above isn’t any better. Boxer and her fellow authors (far left Sens. Patty Murray and Jeane Shaheen) seem to think that Republican women don’t exist. They see no end to what government ought to be doing for — meaning, also, to — the people. They claim there is a “war on women’s health,” when this policy has exposed something else: The progressives’ war on Christians.

Personal responsibility for one’s own choices? Not addressed. Forcing others to pick up that $600 a year tab against their core beliefs? Doesn’t matter. Meanwhile, these fools can’t be bothered to work on a national budget, which actually is among their duties under that body of law that confuses them so much.

This policy is among the most illiberal ever foisted on the American public by its elected officials. They literally lied, even to members of their own party, to get this policy passed along purely partisan lines. Their own leadership told us that we have to pass the bill even to find out what’s in it. One must be a fellow traveling liar, or simply intolerant to the core, to defend this affront.


Liberals claim the mantle of tolerance, but this policy is deeply intolerant. It forces actions on a sizable number of Americans who disagree with undertaking those actions for reasons explicitly protected in the Constitution. The numerous ObamaCare waivers, granted mainly to unions that have supported Democrats with campaign cash, open up equal protection issues and expose the politics at the core of what was sold as a “health care” bill. It was a government power bill, from the start. And this mandate has placed the administration in a very awkward political spot. Continue the abortifacient policy to appease Boxer et al, but risk losing millions of votes that went Obama’s way in 2008. Or, scuttle it, and dispirit the illiberal, intolerant progressive mob.


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