Will you be C-Packing?

The OccupyDC crowd has sprouted an ACORN of an idea, it will be interesting to see how this comes off.

The small c communist tree is starting to blossom in all sorts of new, different and unique ways. Attacking Catholics, stonewalling congressional inquiries and brazenly refusing to have a budget scored are but a few.


However, a direct confrontation at CPAC is likely to provide some interesting insights into the mind of the community organizing culture.

They WANT to spark a confrontation. Then…message out through the propaganda machine that the response was “not proportional”. Or is it proportionate? I should write this down when the leftists savage Israel for daring to defend themselves next time.

Anyway, they are threatening to make it a physical confrontation. The ACORN/SEIU, Workers Party, Blank Panters and OWS team will take the field and try to cause a disruption, that they hope will escalate into a disturbance.

Maybe even threaten some cracker babies. Or, engage in one of those not really rape-rapes. Or pretend it’s Oakland and simply break every law from arson to murder. Or camp out Zucotti style and stink the place up beyond human tolerance.

Messing with Northeastern windsurfers is a bit different than messing with Southern boys, however. You can call them stupid, make fun of NASCAR, country music and line dancing all you want. I wouldn’t get up in the face of a Southern country boy and expect to be holding that stupid hippy-dippy smirk with a full set of choppers afterward, however.


There are actual studies…seriously…that Southern gentlemen actually get a bigger rush of adrenaline and testosterone pumping than do Northeastern roller bladers when confronted and provoked. I kid you not.

Surf’s not up here either, dude…if you go poking your finger in the chest of a southerner.

I would recommend highly that the antics be confined to making a spectacle of yourselves, yelling out, chanting insipid slogans and such. Stay out of the physical stuff.

Even better. Stay home and hate the country from your sleeping bag. When you wet yourself, at least it will give you a warm feeling.


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