WH Spokesman: People Leaving the Workforce is an 'Economic Positive'

On one hand, WH spokesman Jay Carney may be trying to make Robert Gibbs look smart by comparison. On the other hand, the economy is providing more Americans the chance to pursue their dreams, in Nancy Pelosi’s way of thinking. So there’s that.


White House Press Secretary Jay Carney explained that the number of people dropping out of the work force, which artificially depresses the unemployment rate, can be regarded as an “economic positive.”

“A large percentage of that is due to younger people getting more education, which in the end is an economic positive,” Carney said. “This increase in the number of people leaving the work force has been a trend and a fact since 2000, because of an aging population, which is not to say this is wholly — that’s not to say that I would wholly disregard as an issue.” Carney had been asked about the 19 million underemployed or unemployed Americans, and about people who had left the work force.

So…more people dropping out of the workforce and racking up more student debt, more of which will later not be paid back because those racking up the debt can’t find jobs, is now an economic positive?

In the final analysis, in his ability to smugly say preposterous things that even he can’t possibly believe, Mr. Carney is the ideal spokesman for this president.


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