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The Halftime Show as Nuremburg Rally

The Manolo has been musing at his humble shoe blog about how much the Madonna’s Super Duper Bowl halftime show resembled the Nuremberg Rally.

Beginning with its imperial fanfare and militaristic pomp, progressing through the forced adoration of the Glorious Leader (L-U-V Madonna! L-U-V Madonna!), and culminating in her apotheosis as the goddess and chief priestess of her own cult of personality, Madonna was urging on us nothing less than her hegemonistic vision of the Madonna-based future.

It was the strange performance, part greatest hits lip-sink-a-thon, part middle-aged prance-a-thon, part dawning of the New Age of Madonna-a-thon, in which all of us (including Cee Lo Green and Nicki Minaj) will be absorbed by the all-consuming Ego of Madonna.

No one will be spared!

It was, to use the oft used phrase, beyond parody, it was also, if you paid the close attention, more than the little bit creepy.