The Paulastinians Vs the Billion Dollar Jewish Conspiracy

The Atlantic has the story of the political war fought at the special evening Nevada caucus set up by billionaire Sheldon Adelson:

The night caucus was supposed to be only for observers of a Saturday Sabbath, and attendees were required to sign a form swearing that they were “precluded from participating” in the morning caucus “because of my religious beliefs.”

The Paul campaign decided this was unconstitutional and unenforceable (they were probably right). They robo-called their supporters earlier in the day, informing them that if they missed their morning caucus they could go at night. Many of those who showed up adopted an expansive interpretation of “religious beliefs,” saying, for example, that they were working religiously, or praying in their sleep.


I’m jealous of Adelson’s accomplishment here. This is far more impressive than his previous career peak of Forbes ranking him 16th richest man in the world. There are still 15 people more successful than him there.

But who has provoked more Ron Paul supporters to publicly admit that their devotion to this charismatic leader is a religion? Before Adelson did it, my years of interactions with Paul cultists suggested that it would be impossible to convince a single one to admit their fanaticism fulfilled the same emotional needs as religious practice. But now 183 have signed statements proclaiming it proudly.

But that was not the only highlight of the evening. Since so many Paul enthusiasts flooded the caucus, they also scored plenty of time at the podium to tell Adelson and his wife all about their pet issues:

Next came about 25 passionate speakers for Paul. In short order, the scene in the auditorium began to feel like a revival meeting for anti-government paranoiacs.

The first one accused the government of “genocide.” Another complained that Paul was the victim of media bias, as evidenced by the fact that in the GOP debates, “When they go on Ron Paul the lighting’s dimmer.” Another accused the government of “using our own men as guinea pigs.”

As Gingrich, across town, was vowing bitterly to continue his campaign, a Paul supporter was testifying: “Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney run the two-legged race together at Bohemian Grove! There’s not a bit of difference between those two puppets! I got one word to describe my support for Ron Paul, and that is: End the Fed!”

In a nutshell: a caucus set up so that Orthodox Jews and Seventh Day Adventists could participate after sun down devolved into an episode of the Alex Jones show. Yes the conclusion for all sane, patriotic Americans is obvious. Our Zionist-Illuminati conspiracy to bring about the New World Order Prison Planet is proceeding perfectly. In fact, putting out a story showing that a billionaire Jew can’t even vote in the Republican primary without having to endure paleolibertarian harassment is only more evidence for how much “elites” are in control of our lives. They probably wanted the story to get out after all. Right? Because we continue to remain “sheeple” to the “Ruling Class” if we refuse to realize that they have absolute power — their tentacles are everywhere — and we as individual citizens have no control over our lives unless we elect Ron Paul who will End the Fed and Restore Liberty.



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