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Gingrich Blasts Romney As "George Soros Approved" Candidate in Nevada

Looks like Gingrich is turning up the heat on Romney:

Gingrich, who appeared with his wife, Callista, spent much of his 30-minute speech deriding Romney, painting the former Massachusetts governor as too moderate for the Republican party. “It isn’t good enough for the Republican Party to nominate ‘Obama-lite.’ I don’t believe the Republican party wants a George Soros-approved candidate,” Gingrich said, referring to a new ad he released Friday that highlights a recent interview in which Soros said he would be comfortable with a Romney presidency.

And Gingrich lobbed some new attacks, labeling Romney a “little food stamp” supporter (in the mold of “big food stamp” president Barack Obama) and renaming  his 15 percent flat tax proposal the “Mitt Romney flat tax” because that’s Romney’s recently revealed tax rate.


By invoking Soros, Newt seems to be trying to recreate his South Carolina victory, which many–including your humble blogger–think he won largely because he attacked the MSM, which most conservatives see as an unofficial arm of the Obama campaign. However, he’s trying to hit Mitt with it as well, by linking the former Massachusetts governor with a prominent Obama supporter.

The Nevada caucuses are today, so we’ll see whether or not these attacks gain any traction for Newt beyond those that are already supporting the former Speaker. I’m not sure they’ll move any votes, but I am human, I can be wrong from time to time.

(AP image from the Yahoo! News story linked at the top)

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