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Pew Poll: Jewish Support for GOP is Rising

For far too long, the Democratic Party has had a monopoly on support from the Jewish community, despite the fact that the GOP has been considerably more supportive of Israel in recent years.

However, according to a new Pew Poll:

Republicans have…seen gains among Jewish voters, who have long been strong supporters of the Democratic Party. In 2008, 72% of Jews identified themselves as Democrats or said they leaned toward the Democratic Party, and Democrats held a 52-point advantage among this group. In 2011, the Democratic advantage among Jews has shrunk to 36 points, with 29% of the Jewish population aligning with the GOP. While the majority of Jews are still Democrats or lean toward the Democratic Party, Democrats’ dominance among this group has weakened since the last presidential election. In fact, Jews are the only religious group analyzed in which the percentage who identify themselves as Republican (as opposed to leaning toward the GOP) has risen significantly.

No doubt most Jews who vote Democrat simply do so out of tradition — their parents were Democrats etc.  But is it possible that Obama’s lukewarm relationship with Israel has alarmed American Jews who put a premium on Israel’s security? After all, he hasn’t visited the country since he’s been president, and has presented himself as a moderator within the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, rather than a stalwart friend of the only Jewish state.  Is it possible that the Jewish community is finally coming to its senses? Let’s hope so!

Check out this PJTV video of Roger L. Simon exploring this topic at a Republican Jewish Coalition event last year.


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