New OFA Email: "Teacher, They're Being Mean!"

At this point, calling them “juvenile” would be an upgrade.

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The following line tells you everything you need to know about this president and the people around him:


it means one more person just said they’re tired of the Obama bashing from the Republican candidates and it’s time to fight back

Either they lack a fundamental understanding due to lack of knowledge of history regarding the way campaigns work or they are banking on the fact that their target audience is loaded with idiots. Pick one.

Criticisms about a political opponent’s ideology or policy aren’t “bashing”. That’s the language of a campaign that knows it can’t stand on its own merits and needs to pluck some heartstrings.

This also reaffirms President Obama as the most thin-skinned man to ever hold the office (Nixon is SO off the hook now). George W. Bush endured daily demonization and excoriation on a similar, if not greater scale, than Obama and one can’t imagine his people sending out a playground cry like this.

This is also a glimpse into what the eventual GOP nominee will face: a campaign offensive from OFA that works in concert with the MSM to keep the emotional deflections at a fever pitch.

And I cant’ with any confidence say that the Republicans have learned how to counter that strategy yet.


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