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Dear God: Texas Democrat Prays for a 'Fair' Redistricting Map

Remember when Texas Gov. Rick Perry prayed for rain to end the Lone Star State’s wildfires? Oh, how the Democrats mocked him, despite the fact that what he was calling for wasn’t out of line in any way, and wasn’t even partisan. He called for something that lots of Texans, especially those whose lives were upended by the fires, were already doing, in fact.

Well, along comes Democrat State Sen. Wendy Davis, from up in the Dallas area, to pray for a “fair” redistricting map.

Yesterday on Facebook, after closing arguments had ended, Davis wrote the following:

I save my prayers for the things that I think matter most in the world. I try never to pray for selfish purposes such as personal success or happiness. But there are some things that are true representations of the “greater good.” For that, I find myself falling back on my old Episcopalian upbringing. So tonight, I am saying a prayer for something much bigger than me or any political purpose. Join me in saying a prayer for wisdom and fairness in a redistricting decision that will affect the lives of so many …

What Democrats have actually been asking, praying and begging for is a return to the maps they gerrymandered back in the 1990s, when Texas was trending Republican but the Democrat-drawn maps kept putting Democrats in power. Texas’ current redistricting situation is still in the hands of various wranglers including that three-judge panel in San Antonio that tried its hand at answering Davis’ prayer. Time’s a wastin’ though — we have to have a primary in this state at some point.

(hat tip to KTRH radio in Houston, where I may be heard in newsclips throughout the day noting Davis’ interesting take on the power of prayer)