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Newt's Newest Attack Isn't Very Kosher

Stipulation: I have no dog in the fight between Mittens and the Gummy Bear. As a conservative who wants to support a solid conservative who has shown evidence that they can stick to principles and win a national contest…well, I don’t really have anywhere to go, do I? None of the final four are convincing on both fronts.


Especially when the “anti-establishment” candidate who has been in Washington DC since Lincoln was splitting logs complains about his opponent’s dishonest attacks from the left, and then follows up with a dishonest attack from the left of his own.

At his first rally of the morning, Newt Gingrich rolled out a new attack line: Mitt Romney took kosher food away from elderly Jewish people.

“He eliminated serving kosher food for elderly Jewish residents under [Medicaid],” Gingrich said. “I did not know this; it just came out yesterday.  The more we dig in, I understand why George Soros in Europe yesterday said it makes no difference if it’s Romney or Obama, we can live with either one.”

Didn’t happen. The cut wouldn’t have forced anyone to eat non-kosher food. It would have outsourced preparing the kosher food and saved the state a lot of money. Very very dumb of Team Newt to bring this up, since it ends up making Romney look frugal and religiously sensitive. Then again, we know that negative noise works no matter what the underlying facts are.


What we see here is Gingrich using the tactics of the left (oops) to amp up the fear and defend every penny of government spending. That’s objectively what he is doing.

What’s a conservative supposed to do with this? It’s making me think about Sam Houston quite a bit; either the first or the third of his “Texas” quotes will do.

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