Gingrich Camp Prepares for Early Night

CELEBRATION, FL — Newt Gingrich made his final stop here at the Heritage Hall Voting precinct before polls close in the Florida primary.

Word among the press corps is that the Gingrich camp is planning for an early night. The former Speaker is set to address supporters at a primary night rally at 8pm EST and then retire to watch results.


Gingrich spokesman RC Hammond gave brief remarks to the press signaling the focus of the campaign post-Florida:

“In a race where the media has picked a front runner who hasn’t broke 50% yet, that leaves a lot of math out there for the conservative side of the party to pick. So we’ll stay competitive in the nomination which is why it will last into the Spring. We will continue to bring in delegates. We will continue to bring in large amounts of support. At the end of the day as long of the Tea Party supporters keep coming our way, we’re going to be able to do very well.”


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