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Idiotic New Mitt Ad Uses Pelosi Against Gingrich

I don’t have a dog in the fight between Mittens and the Gummy Bear. But this ad is dumb.

So, if we follow this ad out to the logic it implies, Mitt Romney would allow Nancy Pelosi (and by extension every other enemy of the GOP) to hold the party’s nomination process hostage. The mere threat from them to release damaging information, saith Mitt, is enough to not vote for Gingrich.

Even though Pelosi’s staff have already come out and said that, like Sgt Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes, she knows nothing. You have to have a certain contempt for your audience to try peddling this ad as if Pelosi’s word is worth the air it passes through.

For those keeping score at home, in this ad we have Romney, who has been complaining about Newt attacking him from the left, using the GOP’s arch nemesis on the left, to attack Gingrich, who has been attacking Romney from the left. Given the way this primary has gone, this clueless attack ad will give Romney a 5 point boost in the Florida polls.