A Fisker Karma Car Costs $112,000, and Costs Taxpayers $529,000,000 (Updated)

Recently, I attended an event where a new 2012 Fisker Karma sports car was on display. Up until this time I had never heard of a Fisker Karma and after looking at the price tag I know why. It was a shocking $112,000. The Fisker Karma, manufactured by Fisker Automotive, looks like it should have a starring role in a Mission Impossible movie. It is a sleek cutting edge masterpiece of Finnish manufacturing.


Apparently sales have been brisk.  Great news I say!  After all, this is America where an awesome car made in Finland equals a new status toy for the one percent… or in this case more like the one half of one percent.

As I was ogling the car, my friend told me the Fisker company received a US government loan to help with the design of the car’s electric battery.

It turns out the Fisker Karma is a “green” electric car and part of Obama’s energy/manufacturing plan to lead our nation out of the “Great Recession.”

Fisker Automotive, a California based company with an Al Gore venture capital firm connection was given a $529 million loan from the Department of Energy to provide manufacturing jobs and produce these high-tech electric cars.

But there is only one problem — the cars are built in Finland.

Why Finland?

Here is the answer provided by Fisker Automotive company founder Henri Fisker. “There was no contract manufacturer in the U.S. that could actually produce our vehicle,” he told ABC News, “They don’t exist here.”

Given the dismal state of U.S. manufacturing, Fisker’s statement does not surprise me. But what does surprise and infuriate me is $529 million of our hard earned tax money went into building this lavish product that only one half of one percent of our population could ever dream of driving.


Tuesday night when President Obama gave his State of the Union message he conveniently forgot to include this tawdry tale of economic excellence in his “America is Back” themed speech.

Obama-nomics means the smallest fraction of the population — the same ones Obama says need to pay more taxes — now have the opportunity to pay $112,000 for sporty new set of electric wheels. Meanwhile, the rest of us already paid $529 million for a car we have never heard of, let alone can afford, while the Fins got the jobs.

The Republican leaders in Congress missed a poignant message opportunity.

Outside the Capitol building there should have been a 2012 Fisker Karma on display with a windshield-sized $112,000 price tag easily read by the television cameras. Then, instead of the Republican response to The State of the Union address, they should have held a press conference featuring this gorgeous electric car of the future.

This would have made a terrific impact, illustrating Obama’s disastrous Energy Department loan policies, taxpayer waste and the declining state of American manufacturing.

To jumpstart sales should Obama buy a new Fisker Karma for Michelle?

Given the six figure price tag I have a feeling she would be too embarrassed to drive it.


Update: Could this Drudge Report headline today be a bad omen for Fisker Karma?

Electric-Car Firm That Got Biden Visit, $118M in Stimulus, Files for Bankruptcy

Here is my recommendation to the folks at Fisker Automotive, the makers of the Fisker Karma electric car — keep Vice-President Biden and President Obama away from your company doors.  Considering Obama’s politically embarrassing visit to now bankrupt Solyndra and Biden’s visit to Ener1, the electric car battery manufacturer going belly-up today, it’s probably a good idea to put out the “not welcome” sign if either one requests a visit.


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