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Early Glance at Exit Polls Not Good News for Romney

CNN has a preview of exit poll data that won’t be released in full until after the polls close. But the info they released give Newt Gingrich a clear advantage:


With less than an hour until polls close in South Carolina, early exit polls are showing that among those who voted, the most important quality voters were looking for in a candidate was someone who could beat President Barack Obama, and that 98% are very or somewhat worried about the economy.

The early polls also showed that 53% of those voting were men, 47% were women and that two out of three said they supported the tea party movement and described themselves as born-again Christians.

In recent polls, men are supporting Gingrich over Romney — women, less so. But Gingrich is winning among tea party supporters by  3-1 margin according to the polls with a similar percentage of the religious right.

Roger Simon emails that Fox reports that Gingrich won among married women.

It looks like an early night.

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