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#OWS Going Broke?

US News says the occupiers may create their own cashless society within a month.

The Occupy Wall Street movement could be broke in a month, according to recent reports. The latest blow to the protest group comes as it has been struggling to stay afloat following its Nov. 15 eviction from New York City’s Zuccotti Park.

“If we keep spending at the rate at which we have been doing, we will probably go broke in a month,” Haywood Carey, a member of the movement’s accounting group, told the Wall Street Journal.

The group’s bank balance has dwindled to just $170,000 according to the Journal, down from the nearly $700,000 it raised last fall. Very few donations are coming in, volunteers said, a harsh reality following the mo

Money that poured in from around the nation during the group’s highly publicized two-month stint in a Lower Manhattan park.


Who knew that pestering Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in Iowa and New Hampshire would end up being so expensive?

Never fear, though. #OWS has connections with very deep pockets and may pick up an ally/new master soon.

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